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Nevada’s Consumer Auto Fraud Attorney

Consumer Attorneys Against Auto Fraud has handled numerous class actions particularly in the area of consumer auto fraud. Please contact George O. West III to schedule a free initial consultation to discuss your case.

Class actions allow for the opportunity for one person or a small group of people, to represent hundreds or thousands of other consumers to take on a car dealership and seek redress for the deception fraud that has been perpetrated against them. You may have been wronged by a car dealership and contacted them to try and make the situation right and get the run around with no response. In a class action one or a small group of people is able to file suit on behalf of the entire class who was subject to the unfair dealing by the car dealership.

If you believe you have been involved in consumer auto fraud there are remedies available to you. There are some common types of auto fraud that occur including:

  • Overcharging
  • Signing multiple contracts
  • Price changes
  • Nondisclosures
  • Hidden fees
  • Bait-and-switch financing
  • False advertising
  • Truth in Lending violations

Lawyer George O. West III has taken on numerous class actions cases including those specifically against car dealerships. He has worked with classes ranging in size from 50 to 16,000. He has also been involved in other class action cases involving other consumer protection matters.

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Nevada Consumer Auto Fraud Attorney

If you have recently purchased a new or used automobile and feel that you were treated unfairly or that you were misled by the car dealership, you may have been the victim of auto fraud. Contact us to schedule a free initial consultation to evaluate whether or not you have been the victim of auto fraud.

It is not uncommon for people to begin to realize that they were the victim of auto fraud only after speaking with CAAAF. Often people have a general feeling that something did not go quite right when they bought their car but may think it is part of the process. We often work with individuals who contact us about lemon law issues and then as we dig a little deeper into their situation we uncover other hidden issues that existed when the purchased the car. Also, many people are contacted after they purchase their vehicle and are told they have to bring the car back because they could not get financing and that they need to sign a new contract, when in fact the consumer is under no obligation to sign a new contract, is entitled to their down payment back, any trade they made, (or its equivalent value).

There are some common tricks and scams that we have seen in auto fraud cases. These include hidden charges or overcharging that may look suspicious and the consumer may not understand exactly what or why they are being charged. There are also common issues with the financing including preying on individuals with bad credit or employing bait-and-switch where the terms of the financing change or did not exist at the time of the deal. We see the more classic situations where a dealership may be failing to honor the warranties on the car or is not covering repairs that should be paid for under the warranty.

Regardless of the situation you are facing, we can help you identify whether or not you have been the victim of auto fraud. Once we have a clear picture of your situation we can then help you to understand what options might be able to you to help resolve and right the situation.

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